A Jaded Mama - In Photos

This is yet another way to share tidbits from my life...

Tests with my new 85mm 1.8.

Nothing like an unusually warm November day for some beautiful lifestyle shots.

I really hate Christmas, however I run a business and our fans love this holiday. So Amy and I obliged! I am appreciating any opportunity these days to put my photography skills to the test. #applecheeks #clothdiapers

This stuff is the friggin’ nectar of the gods. We just switched to a farm that raises Jersey cows and holy CRAP what a difference. #realmilk #rawmilk #wapf #westonaprice

Thanks bacteria. I really want to look six months pregnant when I have sworn off pregnancy for the rest of my LIFE. (Taken with Instagram)

Ergh. I never know what to do with radishes. Suggestions, other than fermenting them? (Taken with Instagram)

Pretend Azure and no Azure. (Taken with Instagram at Hampstead Park)

Children retrieved from my parents, a little worse for wear. (Taken with instagram)